Friday, January 07, 2011

Expressions: Damn it's cold!

Damn it's cold today!
Warning, some content is not suitable for young readers.

'It is cold.'
'It is very cold.'
'It is very, very cold.'
These are useful expressions and should be learned by all students. But if you listen to native English we often use other words to mean 'very' or 'very, very'. These words make an idea stronger.

Here are some native ways to make ideas stronger, they are in groups, because some of these words are 'soft' and some are 'rude'.
Warning, some content is not suitable for young readers.

Cute / not offensive:

Gosh it's cold!
Golly it's cold!
Golly gosh it's cold! (very cute)
Gee it's cold!
My it's cold!
My, my it's cold!
Darn it's cold!
Crickey it's cold. (Very Australian)

Stronger: (Some people find these a little bit offensive, but they are OK in many situations.)
Damn it's cold!
Damnation it's cold!
Bloody hell it's cold!
It's bloody cold!
Sweet Jesus it's cold!
Holy mother it's cold!

Strongest: (These are offensive to many, but quite popular between friends or in some social circles.)
Most adult readers will know these words, so I have use * to indicate a letter is missing...sorry kids!
Sh*t it's cold!
F*ck it's cold!
It's f*cking cold!
Holy f*ck it's cold!
F*cking hell it's cold!
Holy f*cking hell it's cold!
Mother f*cker it's cold!

In some social circles the last group is always used, for example when I was in the Army many people used 'f*ck' every time the said anything! But when I was in architecture school, almost nobody said it. My recommendation is to study all the groups, but to use the first group and occasionally the second group. Use the last group very carefully or not at all. One final point: If a non-native person uses 'f*ck' it is often quite funny, not offensive, so do not be afraid to try it sometimes! It is useful English!

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