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Rob, taken by Rob.
Basic biography


My full name is Robert Andrew McGuinness. I currently live in Japan, just outside Tokyo, where I run a small English conversation school. I was born in Papua New Guinea in the 1970's, when it was an Australian territory, to  Australian parents. I was born in a small coastal town on the Bismarck Sea. My grandparents were authors and several of my aunts are English teachers, so my interest in teaching English started from an early age. I started kindergarten in PNG before moving to England, just outside London. We eventually moved to Australia when I was in primary school. I have lived in many different places in Australia and London and have travelled the world many times. I went to university in Melbourne, Australia. I have been living in Japan since 2005 and really enjoy living here.



I have many many hobbies and enjoy meeting new people. Thank you for looking at my blog. I am pleased if you find it useful.

Robert Andrew McGuinness