Friday, November 05, 2010

Culture: Wagashi are the bomb!

Wagashi are the bomb!
Kamome no Tamago - Special Edition
Photos by Rob.
The bomb! = Great!
The bomb! = I REALLY like it.
AKB48 are the bomb! = I love AKB48

The bomb!=最高!超スゲェ!
ただ、発音に注意して下さいね。 最後の’b’は発音しないで「ジィボーム」 

He is the bomb! = He is great / the best.爆発的にすごい!ってことで、人に使って、一番すごい人!
They're the bomb!
She is the bomb!
She is a bomshell! = She is hot!
She is hot! = She is sexy!
She blows my mind!
Blow up. = Explode.
I love Kamome no Tamago!
Photos by Rob.

Wagashi are really wonderful! Since coming to Japan, I have fallen in love with wagashi! Taking photos of wagashi is one of my many hobbies. I enjoy learning about Japanese culture through wagashi! I love that people can share their experience of travel with their friends and loved ones, by bringing home a wagashi souvenir! Wagashi are the bomb! Thank you all for giving me such wonderful treats! I love Japan!

By the way, can you explain the difference between 'wagashi' and 'yougashi'? How about 'dagashi'?

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