Monday, November 22, 2010

Food: Not too spicy thanks!

Bean curry taken by Rob....and eaten by Rob....but not made by case you were wondering...

A native conversation about having lunch:



『I'm a little peckish』

a little hungryなどとも言えますが、このPeckishを使うと、何かちょとつまみたい気分、といったニュアンスを上手く表現出来ます。Peckishは、鳥がくちばしで、食べ物をつまんでいるイメージです。


Tom: Hey Rob, I'm feeling hungry, how about you? (I am hungry, are you hungry Rob?)
Rob: I'm a little peckish I guess. (Yes, a little.)
Tom: Do you wanna grab a quick curry? (Do you want to eat some curry?)
Rob: Yeah sure, know any decent places? (That is a good idea. Do you know a curry shop?)
Tom: There's an Indian joint not far from here, I go there all the time. (Yes, there is an Indian curry shop near here, I often go there.)
Rob: Sounds good! (Let's go!)

At the Indian restaurant:
Staff: What can I get for you? (Can I take your order?)
Tom: I'd like the lunch set with Saag Paneer and naan thanks. (I want the set lunch with spinach curry with cheese and naan bread thank you.)
Rob: I'll get a lunch set with naan too, but can I get the vegetable curry? (Can I have a lunch set too, with vegetable curry?)
Staff: OK, two lunch sets coming right up. (OK, your food will be cooked soon.) How hot do you want it? (How spicy do you want your curry?)
Rob: A little hotter than medium thanks, but not too spicy! (Level 3 from 5 please. More than 'average' but not REALLY hot!)
Tom: Same for me thanks. (Me too!)


Do you wanna grab a quick curry?

・I’m gonna grab my jacket! 「ちょっとジャケット取ってくるね!(急いで取ってくる感じです)」
・Why don't we grab a coffee or something? 「コーヒーか何かでも、軽く飲まない?」
・Let's grab a taxi  「タクシーつかまえよう!」

手に入れるっていう意味での「get 」や「take」に、少し素早さや、軽さを加えた意味のこの単語。

What can I get for you?  ウエイターがよく使います。『何をお持ちしましょう?』

How hot do you want it? 
この場合のhotはspicyと同じ意味で使われています。hotには温度の暑さ                     を表現したり、辛さを表す時にも使われますよ。


Tom Fryer teaching at PranaKids

Rob climbing in Hokkaido

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