Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Food: I like cake with coffee!

There's nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee!
Taken and drunk by Rob.

Personally I like coffee made in a 'plunger', also called a 'press'. I call this 'French pressed' coffee. The flavour from pressed coffee is rich and full, but not too bitter. I highly recommend it to anybody who likes a mild, yet full flavoured coffee! You must always grind your own beans, and do not use water that is hotter than 90 degrees Celsius!

 brewed coffeeは、インスタントコーヒーとは、違うコーヒー豆の良い香りが漂ってきそうです。コーヒー以外にも、日本茶や紅茶にも使えます。焙煎し、挽き立てのコーヒーは格別ですよね。あのアロマの香りが部屋中に漂って。 んーん、コーヒーが飲みたくなってきました。温度にもこだわりが、90℃のお湯で煎れます。これより熱すぎると、豆を焦がしてしまい、苦味がでますし、これより低い温度では、豆本来の香りがひき立ちません。それから、豆を挽く時も、粗すぎず、細か過ぎないようにね。

I like to drink coffee several times a day.
Coffee goes well with cake.
I grind my own beans with a hand grinder.
Freshly ground coffee beans.
Coffee beans should be ground soon after they are roasted.
The full flavour of coffee is released if the water temperature is about 90 degrees.
Hot water will burn the coffee and make it bitter.
Cold water will not release the flavour.
The beans must be ground to the right consistency, not too coarse, but not too fine!
We have a coffee maker at home.
We put in the beans just before we make the coffee.
Put in / Take out
Pour in some milk. / Pour the milk out of the carton.
Add some sugar. / Put in some sugar.
Stir the coffee.
Pour in some milk.  ミルクをそそぐ。
Add some sugar./ Put in somu sugar. 砂糖を加える。  
Stir the coffee.  コーヒーをかき混ぜる。

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