Friday, December 24, 2010

Culture: Have you been a good boy?

Have you been a good girl?
Do you deserve a present? Photo by Rob.
A Christmas eve conversation between a mother and son:
Child: Mum, is it true that Santa only gives presents to good people?
Mum: Yes honey, that's true. Why do you ask?
Child: (Looking very sad) reason.
Mum: Are you sure? You don't sound very sure to me.
Child: see...
Mum: Yes?
Child: Stealing is bad right?
Mum: Oh yes, stealing is VERY bad!
Child: But, it's OK sometimes right?
Mum: No honey, stealing is never good!
(Child starts crying)
Mum: What is it honey? Why are you so upset?
Child: Because daddy said you stole his heart! And that means you're bad and that you won't get any Christmas presents from Santa Claus!
Mum: Oh honey! Daddy didn't mean it that way! He means that he loves me!

She stole my heart. = I love her.

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