Saturday, December 18, 2010

Culture: 'Tis the season to be jolly!

The holiday season is upon us!
Merry Christmas from Prana English!
It is = 'tis
Jolly = Merry = Happy
Santa is jolly. = Santa is a happy guy. (always / usually)
Guy = Man
Merry Christmas = Happy Christmas / Please have a good Christmas.

In Christian countries this time of the year is our biggest holiday.
Most businesses close from Christmas until the first week of January and life is quiet.
In Australia we have a hot, summer Christmas.
We often have a barbecue on Christmas Day.
Many people go to church and pray.
Most Australians go to the beach on Boxing Day (December 26th)
We do not celebrate the 24th of December.
December the 25th is similar to January the 1st for Japanese.
We do not eat fried chicken!
We do not eat sponge cake!
Santa brings presents for good kids.
Santa brings coal for naughty kids.
The presents go under the Christmas tree.
We often eat turkey and pudding on the 25th.

Australians often barbecue prawns (shrimp), lamb chops, steak or fish.
Meat on sticks is also popular.
Traditionally we eat turkey with cranberry sauce.
Christmas cake is fruit cake with thick white icing.
We often eat Christmas cake with custard.
Custard is a sauce made from eggs and milk.
It is high in calories. = It is heart-attack food.



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